Why Get an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate assesses a property

An Energy Performance Certificate (ERC) can be a vital tool for helping your local area to meet its energy efficiency targets. It is important to understand what an EPC is and why it is required in your particular circumstances. An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, will rate the energy efficiency of a property, it also assesses its “greenness”. Greenness is an aspect of a policy which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of a business or organisation through the implementation of an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to its activities and infrastructure. If you are looking to buy a property with the possibility of expanding into a green area then an EPC could help you achieve this.

Against certain basic criteria, which it regards as critical criteria. These are the level of energy usage, the amount of heat and air conditioning used and the amount of electricity used. It then rates the properties on these criteria, giving a score. The certificate tells landlords and other owners, whether they need to make changes to the way they conduct their properties so that they can be more energy efficient. Generally, the higher the rating, the better the rating and the more money the owner is likely to make.

legal requirement

If you want to get one, you will need to find out what your legal requirement is. Usually, all properties must get an energy performance certificate, even if they are in an area where there is no official requirement. A legal requirement is to get one from a reputable energy efficient supplier. It is worth checking to see whether you are legally required to get one, because it is a valuable document that can greatly improve your chances of getting a good deal when it comes to buying property.

If you have been awarded a certificate and you wish to get one. You should check to see what your property needs to be rated for. This is usually quite easy to do and the good news is that the ratings that are given are consistent throughout the UK. It is worth checking the ratings on your properties to see what your rating is so that you can work out which properties need to be improved and which ones should continue to the highest rating.

energy performance certificate can be a great

Getting an energy performance certificate requires some work. You will need to visit the rating companies websites and give them your details. When you come back, they will process your details and tell you your rating. You then need to create a checklist of the improvements that need to be made in order to keep your rating up to scratch. Check to see what your legal requirement is regarding certificates. There may be specific requirements in your contract of sale that you need to follow.

An energy performance certificate can be a great help to prospective buyers. It is able to give them the peace of mind that their property is up to the expected standards. Tenants who have an energy efficiency certificate will be able to know that their property is more efficient and it may even attract a higher rent amount from prospective tenants. So if you want to improve your rating, you should consider making some energy efficiency improvements.

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