What to Look for in a Dental Clinic

dental clinic

A dental clinic is technically anything where dental treatments are rendered. But most of the time when you see this word used, there are of course that a dental clinic actually has clinical implications. A dental clinic is generally associated with either a university degree or an undergraduate program while a private dental clinic is independently owned by a dental professional or associated with a dentist. But it is not only about how a dental clinic works that makes it distinctively different from a regular office practice; dental clinics usually have their own board of dentists and a dental hygienist. So if you plan to join one of such dental clinics, then you need to make sure that the place you join is run and staffed by licensed and experienced dental professionals.

Dental Clinic

A dental clinic usually looks more like a private office than like a regular office. It looks much larger and spacious than a regular office as well and often has several rooms, all equipped with modern equipment. The rooms are all named after leading dental practitioners or highly acclaimed celebrity. Some even come with their own separate wing for cosmetic dentistry. The patients in a private practice are given the opportunity to visit any dentist in the entire clinic but you cannot expect the same level of personalized service that you get in a hospital room.

You will be under the supervision of dentists or attending physicians during your consultation and check-ups. In some dental clinics, the dentists and the oral surgeons work together as one team to perform various procedures. You will also be under the supervision of other professionals such as dental assistants and dental hygienists. These professionals will also be responsible for taking your x-rays, preparing your mouth for dental treatments and handling any oral medication you may be given during the treatment. Dental hygienists are the ones who take care of your teeth and they are also responsible for accompanying you when you visit the dentist.


A dental clinic can provide complete or partial care for your oral health. Most of them offer comprehensive coverage for dental surgeries and sometimes even treatments for oral diseases. However, some specialize in particular diseases only. You need to inquire from the dental clinic if they offer such services and whether they charge extra for it. Some dental clinics may even provide specific treatment for various types of oral health problems. You can check this out before starting treatment at the clinic.

There are quite a few people who opt for private practices because of the additional advantages that dental clinics offer over the private practices. Private practices can be managed by the dentist alone whereas in dental clinics, other professionals such as the hygienists and dental assistants to help out in the private practice. Also, private practices can boast the advantage of getting a lot of patients at a time as there are no restrictions placed on the number of visits per patient. As compared to a dental clinic, a private practice can also offer more flexibility in terms of follow-up treatment.

Many dental offices provide routine and preventative dental services. You can choose from a wide variety of dentists who offer these services at reasonable fees. In some cases, these clinics also provide cosmetic dental services. The cost of a visit to a dental office is less than that of a visit to a private practice, although the scope of work is not as extensive.

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