What to Know About Hair Loss

One of the most common concerns that women have today is hair loss

It affects more than 50 million women in the United States alone, and each day, many women struggle with thinning hair. Some may be taking prescribed medications; others may simply be dealing with the natural effects of aging. However, whatever the reason, the condition can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Finding a product that is right for you can help your symptoms and may even provide a cure if it is a hereditary cause.

Telogen Effluvium is one of the more common reasons for hair loss. When hairs are lost, they fall out in the regular resting phase of the follicle. Unfortunately, the hairs that do not fall out come out in the inactive phase of the follicle, which makes it look thinner and may cause breakage. If the thinning is temporary, then you may be able to use shampoos or topical creams that thicken the hair and encourage new growth. For those suffering from a more chronic problem, finding a treatment that thins the resting phase of the hair can help you keep new hairs from falling out. Nonsurgical hair replacement is a great choice for those who are suffering from serious hair loss due to both genetics and stress.

This type of hair loss occurs in the frontal region of their scalp near the hairline

Telogen Effluvium is another common cause for hair loss that typically happens in men after they have prostate surgery. Hair loss occurs when there is a temporary decrease in the amount of blood flowing to the follicles, which causes them to become inactive and thinner.

Traction Alopecia is also an indication that hair loss has already taken hold and is not just occurring because you are aging. This is a loss that happens when the hair falls out because of the force that it is being forced to adapt to. The hair falls out in clumps rather than being evenly distributed on the scalp. This can become a more serious problem as it gets older as the force that the hair is being subjected to is increasing. Even mild levels of traction alopecia can result in bald spots.

Hair loss usually occurs after middle age

Telogen effluvium is a condition that affects people both male and female. In this condition, hair loss starts in the crown area of the head but it can eventually affect the entire body. It is caused by hormonal changes, stress and nutritional deficiencies. This type of baldness can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly occurs on the scalp.

It’s important to take care of your hair and treat conditions like alopecia as soon as possible. A healthy diet, exercise, vitamins, minerals and a proper diet will help you keep your hair and prevent it from falling out. A topical cream containing Minoxidil is a good way to reduce the amount of time that your hair loses each day. This can help you to grow new, healthy strands per day. It’s also a good treatment for alopecia because it reduces the amount of time that your scalp is exposed to harsh chemicals and styling products. The FDA has approved the use of minoxidil for treating and preventing hair loss.

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