What Is Construction Project Management?

construction project management is simply the method of managing construction projects

But when you speak of managing a construction project compared to various other categories of projects, there is usually a major difference. Whereas many projects are mainly task-oriented and management is only secondary, construction projects tend to be mission-oriented with significant management required from the top management down to the men and women on the ground doing the work. So, basically it’s an overall management method that integrates planning, organizing, executing, and controlling.

There are four main types of construction project management, which include:

Specialized Construction Project Management: This is probably the most well known and widely used form of construction project management. It’s where the project manager is responsible for managing a large variety of projects including the ones that require extensive planning, negotiation, specifications, and other aspects. For example, a special needs school would typically involve the involvement of a special needs education building consultant. Special needs schools are required to comply with various building codes, and the consultant ensures that the school complies with all the necessary building codes and safety standards. A special needs school would also require specific professionals who have the expertise necessary to meet these building codes, which would include a building engineer, architect, interior designer, and so forth.

Construction Software: Like special needs schools, construction projects require detailed planning, which requires thorough analysis and the incorporation of several different kinds of information. Therefore, complete construction project management software would enable the planning, organizing, monitoring, and controlling of all the relevant materials, people, tools, and so on in the construction projects. There are several popular construction software packages such as Microsoft Project, Stager, and Construction Miner which are very popular among contractors and builders. Some of the popular features included in this software are cost, schedule, and cost estimation tools, budgeting and payment options, and so on. If your construction project involves any customization, then additional specialized software may be required such as those that manage material management, labor, and scheduling.

Construction Team: Construction project management requires the creation of a large number of integrated teams. Teams can be broken down according to the type of job being done or according to their geographical location. For instance, if you are working on a multi-million dollar project, there would certainly be a construction team located in a different part of the country than where the project is being carried out. It would be impossible to monitor the progress of all the teams simultaneously through email or even regular SMS. Therefore, construction project managers create smaller teams for each task that requires monitoring.

Team Members and Accessibilities: Just like construction site managers, construction project managers also need to ensure that their team members have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise in order to accomplish every phase of the job. Each member of the team needs to be educated on the project objectives and the steps to be taken to achieve them. Teams should also be provided with enough information and resources so that they do not encounter difficulties during every phase of their work. They should be allowed to take their own breaks and rest during scheduled periods. They should also be granted the freedom to choose their working schedules and the days they will need to work. Lastly, all members of the team should be provided with a work area in which they can easily perform their daily activities.


A construction project management system can be very useful for any type of construction projects that are taking place. It can make the tasks much easier and efficient for the project manager as well as the various contractors that he has worked with. This system has been designed in such a way that it can handle a variety of tasks, so whether it deals with large or small projects, each aspect of it will surely be handled perfectly and with ease.

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