What Is Body Armor?

Body Armor

For the past 40 years, Body Armor has been used by the police, firefighters, hunters, EMTs’s & first responders. Today Body Armor is used by everyday people as protection for their entire families. When strong and healthy, your body has the natural resources to battle almost all of the environmental & seasonal threats you encounter daily. Body Armor adds the body’s natural defense to enhance the body s capacity to naturally defend against airborne pathogens and seasonal illnesses.


People who choose to wear body armor

realize the benefits to their overall health, comfort, and mobility that a good vest can provide. The most common places that people will wear a vest are at work, on the job, or in a sports activity. In addition to protecting you from a threat, a well-crafted vest will also make you more comfortable so you can concentrate on your job or sport and not be distracted by pesky allergies, irritations, and other side effects caused by environmental factors. You must have a choice of styles and materials to suit your needs and the needs of those around you.


To keep yourself protected from airborne pathogens

Body Armor garments are equipped with various options of fabrics choices. These choices can be helpful if you have a difficult time breathing after being exposed to a harmful substance or odors. One type of material that many-body armor products are made from is sprayed polyethylene or teardrop nylon. This type of material is easy to clean, breathable, lightweight, and can resist high pressures. If you have a job that requires you to work close to chemicals then an agent such as ozone or citronella spray is a great option for you to carry in your vest.


The primary objective of adding a self-protective vest

to your personal protective equipment (PPE) is to protect you from all types of physical harm. This is achieved through the use of heavy-duty, teardrop, or full body armor spray. To remove unpleasant odors, a good quality odor eliminator should be worn. In addition, it is important to wear at least one face mask to prevent inhaling vapors. Depending upon where you will be working a tactical gear may include additional padding or elbow and knee protection which will protect you against shooting pains from explosions.


Body Armor sprays, masks, and odor eliminators

are a combination of chemicals that work together to eliminate foul smells and odors. These odors usually emanate from chemical spills, body fluids, and sweat. Odor Eliminators are used to neutralize the foul smell emanating from bodily fluids such as perspiration, and body fluids such as sewage. Spray guns with odor eliminators are typically made from Cyalume, which is a synthetic ingredient that produces a harmless odor when sprayed onto the target. For instance, if you are working in a manufacturing plant and a toxic chemical is used, instead of walking around with a can of Cyalume in your hand, you would simply spray the entire plant with the spray and make a point of stepping off the assembly line as soon as possible.


Body armor is usually composed of heavy-duty garments

such as a full-body ballistic vest, bulletproof vests, and defensive spray. When purchasing these items, it is imperative to have them professionally fitted to ensure proper fit. It is in these areas where you are more likely to experience exposure to foul and harmful odors and it is here that the spray will act appropriately. Remember that proper fitting, on the other hand, does not affect the effectiveness of your arrest protection, but only enhances its appeal.

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