What Is Architectural Design?

a huge demand for trained architects

Architectural design is the art and process of designing, planning, and building various structures or buildings. Architectural projects, in the simplest material form such as houses, can be perceived as personal works of art and as visual symbols. Architectural design is an art and science that have evolved over the years with new technological developments. Architectural design schools are thriving because of the ever-increasing demand for qualified architects who can meet the demands of the ever-growing population. The increasing number of residential and commercial properties, along with the increasing demand for skilled manpower has created a huge demand for trained architects.

Design concept The primary objective of any architect should be to create a building that is energy efficient, reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and cost effective. Architectural design is very complex and involves several different aspects of study such as structural, environmental, and sustainability development. These aspects involve the use of materials, construction techniques, technology, and human resources. An architect should be able to plan, develop, and implement sustainable development strategies to reduce the negative environmental impact of buildings.

Architectural Designers follow a strict construction

Architectural Designers follow a strict construction documentation process. This is usually followed by the development of the structural program, the specification of the building according to the client’s requirements, and finally the design concept and implementation of the project. The entire process of architectural project planning and design involves a series of activities that are very critical for the successful completion of the project.

Architectural Design Schemes One of the first steps involved in the design process involves the creation of the basic architectural model. The architectural model is the blueprint of the proposed building. It contains all the dimensions and details of the structure, including the location, size, shape, materials, functionality, as well as the design of the windows, doors, ceilings, and other architectural features.

Drafting of the Concept One of the final steps

It involved in the construction process involves the drafting of the architectural concept. This concept is the blueprint of the building that the architect has designed using the various designing tools available. The concept is the foundation on which the architect works on.

Design of the Assemblies Another important stage in the design process involves the assembly or fabrication of the various architectural components that make up the completed building. The architectural designer ensures that all the components fit together well so that the building is safe and functional. The assembly process also makes sure that the materials and components used for the construction of the project are compatible with one another.

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