what are Mushroom Fruiting Chambers?

Mushroom Fruiting Chambers – Indoor Gardening

A mushroom growing chamber is simply an indoor space that growers use to imitate the optimum conditions and habitat that many different species of mushrooms tend to grow in. Often called a mushroom shroom, a monotube is usually where a large clear plastic container is filled with soil and has small holes cut in the bottom for ventilation. However, it’s quite easy to set it and forget it mushroom for most beginners. If you are growing your first batch of mushrooms this should be enough. Other than that it can be a good idea to buy some additional compost to give your mushrooms the nutrients they need.


The most important component to any mushroom fruiting chambers

is a proper growing medium. There are several available but the best ones are woods or cardboard tubes with a hanger connected to them. Mushroom growing tubes can be found in most garden centers, and wooden ones are preferable because they are very sturdy. Another thing you can do is make a wooden frame from old pallets or even leftover building materials. This is important because the wood framing will serve as a natural spacer and will help contain the heat generated by the mushrooms while they are growing.


When it comes to ventilation

mushroom fruiting chambers can get pretty stuffy so you will want to put some additional insulation on the inside. The outside of the structure can be covered with either plastic sheeting or a damp cloth. However, even in the winter months when the outside temperature may be a bit chilly, you should ensure that at least one side of the room remains at a constant temperature. You can use a heating system if needed but remember to keep the fan turned on for at least 20 minutes after installing it to ensure proper ventilation.


The last consideration in proper mushroom growing conditions is humidity

If the air in your chamber is too dry, the mushrooms won’t sprout properly. You can add water to the room or put a fan in there to increase the humidity. Too much humidity will cause the spores to germinate and thus prevent the growth of mushrooms. High humidity in your mushroom fruiting chambers can also damage the roots so you should consider putting a dehumidifier in there. It’s up to you which way you go but remember that too much humidity can kill your plants.


Other important considerations include

the types of lighting in your mushroom fruiting chambers. Most grow rooms need at least three to four hours of direct sunlight. The lighting should be controlled and should never be set to a high level to avoid damaging the roots. Mushroom farmers prefer indirect lighting because it prevents too much heat from being generated but the heat coming from the lamp fixtures is still able to reach the plant’s leaves. Make sure you have adequate fluorescent lighting as well. This is necessary for the plants to absorb the nutrients it needs to grow.


If you’re growing mushrooms indoors

you’re going to need a bit more care. Make sure you use proper ventilation and that you’re getting the right amount of sunlight and moisture. Try to use a combination of materials like perlite, gypsum, fiberglass, and vermiculite for growing mushrooms in mushroom fruiting chambers.

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