Vacation Rentals

vacation rentals

If you’re ready to hit the open road this summer, but aren’t sure how you should go about it, consider vacation rentals. They can provide a great way to escape the crowds and bust your head up just a bit! But how do you find the right vacation rental for you? Should you book your hotel room first and then look for a rental property? Or should you just start looking at homes for rent in a specific area and hope that you stumble onto one that’s right for you? The truth is, you could end up with two or three different rentals, one for each area that you’re visiting!

Vacation Rentals

How do you know what vacation rentals are right for you? As with any type of real estate transaction, it’s all about location. Before booking a vacation home, make sure that it’s not in an area where you’ve considered staying before. Sure, a house in the Hamptons sounds great, but if it’s between Juneau and Glacier National Park, it may not be your best choice. On the other hand, a vacation home in a popular resort town sounds perfect, but if it’s not in a touristy area, you may not get the most use out of it.

Once you have decided on an area to focus on when booking vacation rentals, you need to decide on how you want to pay for it. There are a variety of ways that travelers use to get their payments in front of them, and it’s up to you to figure out which is best for you. Booking your vacation home with a credit card, for instance, can be fairly simple and hassle-free if you know how to do it. Just make sure that you’re prepared to pay for everything up-front and that you’ve chosen a good interest rate when renting a house or condo out.


While some vacation rentals do allow guests to pay through their hotel room rates, it’s best to book your reservations in advance for those that don’t. You also need to be aware that some rental owners like to tack onto your bill extra fees for things like taxes and insurance. Be sure to find out what the charge will be before you agree to anything, and always bring proof of these costs. This will help you avoid any surprises once your rental is actually booked and ready to go.

Most people are used to booking homes and condos online. However, booking vacation rentals has been simpler for years, and for good reason: rentals are already available! If you’re tired of the same old weekly routine of having to fight the traffic in order to get in and out of your home or apartment, consider booking a vacation rental for a few days instead. Pick a weekend when traffic is pretty heavy, and you should find that your home will be waiting for you when you arrive. Just be sure to check with your rental property owners to see if there is a specific timeshare available, or if there are multiple vacation rentals available at the same time. The last thing you want is to get a reservation but then be told that you can’t stay at your chosen home because there’s another available home – which means you’ll have to move again!


Another thing to take into consideration is the addition of cleaning fees. Most vacation rentals don’t come with daily cleaning fees, but some do. Be sure to read all terms of your rental contract carefully so that you know exactly what the cleaning fees will be and whether they apply to you or not. It’s always better to find out before you sign anything, so don’t put off the search – the sooner you know, the sooner you can get started enjoying your vacation home.

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