Types of a Hen Rode Saddle

A Hen Saddle is a saddle designed specifically for women riders and is traditionally used for polo or show jumping as well as everyday use. The term Hen Rode is derived from the German word for the horse; Ro Peg. The term is also referred to as a “woman’s horse”. The invention of the Hen Saddle in 1530 allowed women in Germany to participate in more sporting events such as polo, which are essentially horse riding, and jump as well as dressage.


Weight distribution

Today it is still commonly used by women involved in sports as well as roping, showing, and cross country riding. It was a replacement to the women’s traditional “man’s” saddle, which had been designed for weight distribution and was difficult to find. In fact, a horse saddle could be very hard to find in many of today’s markets, and oftentimes sports goods shops would have nothing but saddles on hand. Therefore, many women would buy their own saddle.


Easier to attach accessories

In addition to the advantages of being able to purchase one saddle rather than having to buy several, it became even easier to attach accessories to the saddle such as saddles, cinches, and buckles. Soon, dressage was added to the list of disciplines that a Hen Rode could be trained in. The original purpose of the saddle was purely for horse riding, but as time went by the discipline was expanded into polo, show jumping, and roping. Today, many of the same techniques used to train horsemen and women for these disciplines are used in creating the modern Hen Rode.


Specialized saddle designed

Some of the most common uses of the modern saddle are as follows: Showing, training, basic roping, and dressage. It is important to understand the differences between these disciplines before selecting the correct saddle. Showing uses a completely different saddle than basic roping and can be quite complicated. For this reason, only people who are fully committed to the sport should attempt to use the saddle for any of these disciplines. Basic riding seats fit the needs of all disciplines, while dressage requires a specialized saddle designed for the unique positions required on the horse.


The saddle’s cross-brace or seat

If the horse is used for roping or dressage, the saddle will be fitted with a stirrup as well as a backrest. On the other hand, there will be no support from the saddle’s cross-brace or seat. The purpose of this is to reduce the amount of tension that is placed on the horse’s back and legs. The cross brace provides support to the horse’s back and prevents the saddle from going over the horse’s back. Seat pads are often used to provide grip on the saddle’s seat.


There is a large variety of styles of Hen Rode saddles available today. Some of the most popular are English flat, English round, English show, flounder, and jockey’s style. Some of the more expensive ones are made of leather or suede. They can be purchased for either pleasure riding or racing.

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