Truck Paint Codes and Tips For Painting Your Truck

truck paint

If you’re tired of your old truck or want to give your truck a makeover that’s sure to please, then truck paint ideas are at your fingertips. There are thousands of different designs to choose from, and even more sources for quality truck paint at affordable prices. Your paint job doesn’t have to be perfect – just paint well. Remember that paint thickness is important as well as safety, so plan your color scheme ahead of time. A solid base coat is always a must-have, no matter what type of truck you have.


Basic Truck Paint Ideas Uses a blend of colors to make a simple, yet stylish, truck paint project. Instead of painting your truck super red, take it pink with a white underbody and add thin black strips around the front of the vehicle. You can do this on the inside as well, with a simple spray on a coat and clear windows to allow the sunshine to shine through.

Painting Costs What you paint your truck really depends on the type of coating you choose, the colors you select and the size of your budget. For example, an Acrylic coating is much less expensive than either an Acrylic or oil-based paint. Also, the thicker and longer-lasting acrylics are always going to be the better choice for larger vehicles that will be exposed to greater amounts of sunlight and rain, as well as other types of weather damage. Since Acrylic coating is a polymer compound, it is elastic enough to conform to any shape of painted surface, including round and rectangular shapes, so it makes a great choice for bumpers and other painted surfaces.


Spray on coatings are a great way to get a clean, smooth look. These truck paint jobs are great for adding a touch of character or creating a one-of-a-kind look for any vehicle. Whether you choose to go with a spray on polyurethane coating or an acrylic version, it is important to think about how the color you choose will wear over time, what type of maintenance you are willing to do to keep the finish looking its best, and whether or not you plan to stain or paint your truck.

How to Properly Prepare Your Truck If you are choosing a full auto paint job, you need to take special care to prep your vehicle for the procedure. To begin, you must wash your vehicle with soap and water and take off all interior and exterior trim. Then you should prepare the paint by using a paint sprayer gun, making sure to spray the entire truck body with the paint in the gun’s chamber. If you have rounded or curved parts to be painted, you must remove them before applying the clear coat. Next, you should prepare the base coat by spraying it onto the vehicle from opposite sides and allow it to dry overnight.


Finally, the topcoat or clear coat must be applied with the spray paint gun and allow it to dry for one more day before you are ready to add any detail to the vehicle. It is important to pre-test your paint on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the color is dry before you apply it. For most models, you should consider painting one complete panel at a time, allowing each panel to dry in the same manner. This will allow you to achieve an even, smooth finish on your truck.

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