the best way to clean your Body Armor

The Importance of Cleaning Your Body Armor

Body Armor is an armor vest that is worn by law enforcement officers and security personnel. Its purpose is to protect from the potential threat of bodily harm from firearms, knives, and other sharp objects. The body armor vest can be worn under your clothing or over your entire outfit. This article discusses the best way to clean your Body Armor so that it remains in good condition.


Cleaning your body armor can be tricky

It’s recommended that you do it indoors, where mildew and moisture are unlikely. Cleaning it regularly is important to prolong the life of your vest. When you wear body armor, it protects you from the possibility of injury or death from a handgun bullet; therefore, you mustn’t expose yourself to the bacteria and mold growing on these bullet-proof vests. Body armor is completely legal in all fifty states with only the following three regulations:


Body Armor may not be transported in the state of Connecticut

Cleaning your body armor can be difficult if you don’t know how to remove the protective padding from your vest or wear it in potentially hot or cold conditions such as inside a car, where sunlight can dry and crack the material. You should clean your body armor once a month in warm weather (but not in direct sunlight) and once a month in cold weather. If you do not clean your vest when it first arrives at your home, make sure you inspect it shortly before wearing it.


There are two common problems

that most law enforcement officers and security personnel face when using body armor. First, many people do not read the law and believe that they are adhering to the proper procedure when packing and carrying their equipment. Second, some people fail to properly secure their body armor, leaving it open to a possible compromise. In both situations, improper carelessness can lead to serious injury.


Proper cleaning is a key component

to the proper storage of your body armor. Although this may sound like something for the defense attorney to deal with, it is a simple task for a quality body armor cleaner. You can find cleaners in most local stores, as well as online. Most ballistic vests are lightweight and constructed of thin materials so frequent cleaning is not necessary. When necessary, however, it is good to schedule maintenance with a professional company that specializes in cleaning and protecting the vest.


The second most common problem faced

by law enforcement personnel and those who use self-defense tools is the inappropriate use of body armor. Although most law enforcement agents wear body armor because it enhances their safety, non-law enforcement personnel often wear it because it looks cool. This can lead to issues such as dressing down to match the clothing worn by criminals, which in turn causes problems with identification. With today’s technology and the use of NIJ rating stickers, however, law enforcement agents and that outside of the justice system no longer need to worry about being identified as wearing body armor.

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