Saving Money on Renovation Projects

So you are considering undertaking a home renovation job?

Good idea, re-doing an outdated home on a tight budget, renovating an old neglected home on a tiny budget, restoring a historical period gem or simply remodeling a home you’ve been using for years on a low budget can be immensely satisfying. In fact, when I did my first home renovation back in the 80s, I wasn’t really planning on it at all! I was just doing something I’ve always enjoyed: spending time with my kids.

The first thing I had to do in the kitchen renovation was to do a major overhaul of the plumbing and electrical systems. This was a lifesaver, saving me thousands of dollars in the long run and a ton of frustration. After I got these things in order, I set about fixing up the rooms and areas that would need repairs and make sure I had a plan in mind before I started. I made a list of everything that needed to get done, from floor to ceiling, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom showers, from chimneys to sewer lines. I thought I would make a separate list of “non-construction related” tasks to keep everything on track as well.

research and read online for suggestion

One of the first renovations I tackled was a bathroom remodel. I had been reading online and learning a lot about how to properly design and decorate a room and bathroom. I decided to take a page from home renovation classics by designing my first floor master bath to look like a whimsical jumble of colors and shapes instead of the traditional black and white tile. Since Harry Potter is my favorite book series, it seemed like a logical step to incorporate some of the places where Harry Potter resides, such as Number 4 Privet Drive and the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Transportation.

After completing the renovation, I was surprised at how much money I actually saved. The total budget for the project was about $700, which included two weeks of unemployment compensation and three months of rental arrears before becoming fully bonded. After paying the contractors, my next step was to research hiring contractors for the rest of the renovation. I wasn’t planning to do any of the work myself; therefore, I couldn’t hire any employees. I searched the newspaper and online, but despite my best efforts, I still couldn’t find any potential employees.

renovation depends on your budget

Once I was settled into my new job, I began researching home improvement trade publications and home renovation forums. I continued to use these resources, asking everyone who could answer my questions if they had ever worked on a renovation project of theirs. Everyone told me about their huge savings by hiring a renovation company, which eliminated a whole lot of guesswork and wasted time. Eventually, I found a company to remodel my bathroom on a budget. Since starting this home improvement project on a small scale, my budget was very manageable, and I was able to hire the exact crew and materials that I needed to finish my bathroom remodel on time and under budget.

While there are many ways to save money on renovation projects, homeowners should always make sure that they are properly prepared to complete any home improvement projects that involve hiring workers and materials. A solid home improvement project doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to be successful. With proper planning and budgeting, homeowners can complete simple remodeling projects on a moderate budget. If you have experience in any area of renovation or if you know of someone who does, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with others. There is a lot of information available online and in home improvement trade publications, you just need to know where to look.

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