Reducing the Risk of Outages and Improving Emergency Management

Smart Meters – Reducing the Risk of Outages and Improving Emergency Management

Smart Meters are devices that can measure energy consumption and can provide easy detection of irregularities in energy wastage. A smart meter is a miniature electronic device that records data like an electrical current, voltage levels, the average consumption of electrical power, and energy factor. Smart Meters communicate information to the user for better clarity of usage, and electricity providers for system billing and consumer billing. Smart Meters are also commonly referred to as appliances, as they can be programmed to record and log all the utilities consumed, and some even come with the option of recording data in real-time.


Smart Meters provide some benefits

to both commercial and residential users. Smart Meters are installed at homes and offices to help in better metering and billing; as well as provide advanced configuration and management tools for smart meters. It is not possible for an individual consumer to manually check and read the details of energy consumption and billing, hence Smart Meters automates this process considerably. Besides this automation, Smart Meters also help in reducing the costs and wastage of electricity by controlling over consumption and improving the billing and collection methods.


With Smart Meters, the entire process

is automated and can be configured using any web-based software. For instance, a consumer may choose to get Smart Meters based on their usage pattern or a region. The Smart Meters then relayed this information to their application servers where the details are stored and analyzed for billing purposes. This enables industries and companies to reduce their cost base and improve customer service and customer care. Some of the common uses of smart meters are in the areas of customer billing and customer tracking, where the device can monitor and record consumption and relay the data to the application server for secure storage and analysis.


Another important advantage of smart meters

is that they reduce the utility costs, especially for businesses and industries. In addition to this, these devices are usually used in conjunction with other outbound tools such as appliances, automation systems, and generators, which can provide an increased level of efficiency and output. Apart from this, the latest versions of smart meters can even monitor and measure the water temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind speed, which can help businesses cut down on the cost of running their water and cooling systems. Moreover, these devices can also reduce outages and interruptions, improve emergency management, manage power surges and reduce transmission and distribution costs.


In many places across the world, smart meters

are being deployed for eliminating traditional means of reading and billing electrical consumption. In the UK for example, electricians are now installing smart meters at home and commercial premises. These devices can detect consumption patterns, which then relay the required information to the application servers for processing. Based on the collected data, the amount is billed. Smart Meters have been found to significantly reduce the level of energy wastage, especially in areas where excessive electricity use has been observed.


The main advantages of smart meters

are their ability to detect trends and usage levels and to interconnect with the existing systems. Moreover, they can also interconnect with the smart grid, which allows automatic adjustment of voltage and electricity rates based on real-time data collected from consumers, which in turn reduces costs. Smart Meters can either be part of the existing electrical metering or can be installed in conjunction with it. With the increasing awareness and concern about environmental issues, smart metering systems are slowly gaining ground in several industries across Europe and North America. Besides reducing the risk of outages and improving emergency management, smart meters provide businesses and households with significant cost savings.

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