Methods on Efficient Water Consumption

The reduction of water consumption has become one of the keystones of environmental sustainability.

Set an Annual Goal 

Reduce potable water consumption by at least 2% per year over the next twelve years through reduction increments of two percent per year starting in 2021, through 2021 (using 2021 potable water consumption as the baseline). This target can be influenced by such factors as climate change, increasing use of water in industrial settings, and population growth. It is, however, a universal goal as it can not be universally met as water is a vital commodity on which we all rely for survival.

Improve the Efficiency of Water Supply

Reducing the amount of water waste created can actually lead to more efficiency with less effort required to produce potable water. With a focus on efficiency in water use, both on a personal level and on a community level, individuals can use water reuse to reduce their daily consumption of water. These practices are considered more economical than purchasing new potable water supplies.

Use of Facility Water Meters

Facility water meters are devices that measure water consumption in a community or facility and allows users to track and monitor their usage. Facility water meters provide readings in gallons per minute, milliliters per minute, and lit gallons per minute. These measurements allow users to accurately track their consumption and make changes where necessary. Facility water meters also save energy by reducing water consumption through direct replacement of water heaters, and through the heating of cold water.

Water conservation strategies

A large portion of a community’s water use is made up of wasteful practices. Conservation practices can involve anything from water conservation on the individual level, to a group effort in the community to conserve water resources. In the case of a water supply, these practices include proper usage of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, to efforts in the community to build or restore water resources. In other instances, conservation efforts involve governmental action such as the implementation of water conservation laws.

Include Leak Detection

Water metering refers to the accurate measurement of water consumption and wastefulness by using sensors that are affixed to the building or home. In order to properly meter the consumption of water in both new and old buildings, there must be an accurate current leak detection system in place. Leak Detection Systems can be installed by professional plumbers to detect leaks. Many modern leak detection systems come with a built-in delay that is set to ensure no leaks are present before the system is triggered

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