Medieval Armor Styles

Medieval armors and shields had such an influence on the way of life of those times that they have become as important a part of our culture as they were in that time. During the dark ages, armor and weapon used to protect men from weapons used by the enemy were the primary source of income for several tribes. Shields and heavy plate mail were worn by both men and women on their battle fields. The medieval armor and weaponry during that time were no different to what we see today in the battle fields.

Medieval Armors


In fact, some of the armors used during this time period were better than they are now. One such armor that was used during this time period is the gambeson. This type of medieval armor was similar to what we know today as ghillie suits or bookies suits. However, during colder weather this padded garment was filled with whale blubber to keep warm. These armors were made out of wool or linen that were tied together with cords to keep the garments in place.


Medieval armor and helmets were another important part of the wardrobe for most soldiers. They wore helmet and shield to face the enemy while in battle. Some of these armors were made from iron to ensure that they could breathe well. The helmets that were used during this time were made from either bronze or iron.


During colder weather, people would use padded coats to wear instead of heavy armored coats. These armors were made from cloth that had been tightly pulled over a wooden frame. People also used tarps to protect them from the elements. Tarps were sometimes filled with straw dust to make it even more comfortable. These armors were also tied together with cords to keep them in place.


Other medieval armors that are still used today are those that are based on the idea of defense. These armors were used to protect from being caught by surprise. Some of these armors were made to be used as a decorative piece in your home. Others were used for practicing by throwing a few punches around an imaginary opponent. You can see the different medieval armor styles by looking through some online resources.

When looking for an armor you should remember that each medieval armor was created a little differently. The size, weight and color were a little different. You should also consider how important that particular armor is to you. If you are going to wear a medieval armor you should be very proud of it. If you have found a piece of medieval armor that you love then you may want to talk to other medieval enthusiasts about where you found it and the way it looks. There are some places that allow you to buy old medieval armor for sale so you should check out those first.

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