Japanese Swords – A Unique Collectible

straight and curved

There are various kinds of Japanese Swords that vary greatly in shape, size, purpose and style for manufacture. The most commonly known varieties of Japanese Swords are the katana, samurai sword, wakizashi and tanto. Each of these has a distinctive appearance and is used for particular purposes. These swords come in different styles and are made of different materials.

The katana is primarily used as a cutting sword and is straight in blade. These swords were initially made from a single piece of metal, hence their name. They were primarily created for use by samurai warriors and were very durable. The curvature of these Japanese Swords makes them ideal for thrusting attacks.

The wakizashi is shorter in length and is more commonly known as the minashi-zashi. The wakizashi was primarily used as a backup knife when carrying a larger sword. A wakizashi is often curved, tapered or flat. The name, wakizashi comes from the shape of a Japanese arrow.

the wakizashi and samurai swords

The tanto is primarily known as a weapon to be carried in one hand. Unlike the Japanese samurai sword, a tank does not have a protective guard. It is generally believed that the origin of tanto came from Thailand.

Recently there has been an increase in the sales of Japanese Swords for collectors and other buyers. The demand for these swords is increasing because they are considered to be more functional and easier to store than other Japanese Swords. The increase in demand is directly related to the increase in television and film action. Samurai swords are no longer viewed as being associated with war and violence, but rather as a symbol of prestige and honor.

There are several makers of Japanese Swords such as Genken, Nissin, Tancho, Sumitomo, Okamoto and a few others. Some of these makers are known for making only a few styles of sword while others are well known for their large catalog of styles. Many manufacturers produce multiple styles of Japanese sword. If you are a beginning swords collector this will probably be a difficult task.

One of the most popular styles is the Katana, a short sword used by Japanese samurai warriors from the 11th century. The Katana is one of the oldest known Japanese swords still in existence. The Katana was originally made from a single piece of wood with a handle attached at the end. The blade was wrapped in rice paper and decorated. The curvature of the blade prevented it from slipping when the warrior was forced to fight. These curvatures are the signature of the Katana.

weapon for extended fighting

In addition to the Katana there are two other styles of Japanese swords. The Wakizashi (or short sword) is typically longer and stronger than the katana. This sword can be used as a personal defense weapon. The Tanto is also long and strong and is typically used as a weapon for extended fighting.

Collectors have found that these Japanese swords can be valuable to them. Some collectors may build their collections on only one type of Japanese sword. Other collectors build entire museums on displaying their swords. Either way, there is no doubt that these swords have served their purpose and will continue to do so for many years to come. Whether for collection purposes or for your own personal use you can never discount a Japanese sword. They are great gifts for anyone and can be had for prices that most anyone can afford.

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