Introduction To Marketing

Marketing is defined as the science of identifying, communicating, and selling a product or service. Marketing deals with getting the word out about a product or service and the ways by which potential customers may be able to make a purchase or inquiry. Marketing is one of the most important factors in any business venture and the ability to market effectively can propel a company forwards.


advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV

Marketing in the offline world often involves advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV which all reach a wide audience. Internet marketing however is different as it is often easier and cheaper to advertise online as opposed to other mediums. This is because many people are using the internet daily so there is always a large audience for the marketer’s message.


The traditional marketing methods include print, television, radio, and outdoor ads

The marketer must come up with a marketing strategy that will be able to attract attention and capture the interest of the consumer. For this to happen, the marketer needs to find out what people want and need. This may be through doing market research or tracking previous customers’ habits. It could also be by studying what types of products people buy and how they behave when buying these goods and services.


The key to making marketing work is to be creative, be honest, and be consistent

A good marketer will keep abreast of the latest trends and fashions and use them to present their ideas in front of the public. One of the most effective ways to present ideas to potential customers is to use the internet and its wide range of communication tools such as email, social networking, chat rooms, forums, and blogs. An effective marketer will be able to take advantage of these tools to reach a larger audience.


Every marketer has a target market and each has a group of people they would like to target

Whether it is teenagers, working professionals, or parents, there are always certain groups of people who will be receptive to a marketing message. The challenge lies in turning those interested into customers. This can be done by creating a special atmosphere in the store, offering freebies or even discounts on purchases. Some marketers decide to go one step further and rent out venues such as gyms, schools, and restaurants where they can invite members of the public for casual get-togethers. Such venues tend to have larger turnouts and can be a better choice to attract more people.


speak to friends who have been involved in some form of marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business but only the best marketing strategies will see your business thrive and grow. The best way to get started with this exciting profession is to speak to friends who have been involved in some form of marketing. Word of mouth advertising is the most popular and effective way to promote any business in today’s society.

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