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How To Use Performance Appraisals To Improve Your Workplace

A performance is a physical act of presenting or staging a theatrical play, performance, concert, or any other kind of theatrical presentation. It is also known as the act or process of achieving or carrying out an artistic activity. The term “performance” can also be used to refer to a stage production of a dramatic work, usually for the amusement of audiences. Most commonly, however, it is used to refer to any performance-the art or science of being an entertainer.


Performance appraisals are conducted in many different ways and for many different purposes. Most commonly, performance appraisals are used to find out how employees perform or why certain performances fail to achieve desired results. It may be necessary, for example, to assess whether the company’s production of a high-budget film is meeting its organizational goals or if it is being produced at the budgeted cost. Management personnel may also need to examine whether sales have been increased following the successful performance of a popular presentation. Performance appraisal is often used to improve employee performance or to correct shortcomings or errors that are revealed in the process of performing a task correctly.

In some cases, performance appraisals are designed to help managers increase productivity by helping workers understand and properly perform tasks assigned to them. For instance, by using performance appraisals that provide managers with specific instructions about which behaviors are suitable for receiving praise and which behaviors are not appropriate, workers can more effectively understand what kinds of behaviors are productive and which ones are detrimental to productivity. Likewise, by training subordinates on proper behavior, supervisors can help subordinates to perform their best each day. This may also result in an overall increase in productivity because improved performance reduces the number of interruptions in the work flow.


Another important application of performance appraisal systems is to help managers prevent critical incidents from occurring. A critical incident is a situation in which a product fails to meet expected standards, for which the company has a responsibility to provide an effective solution. By having detailed information about the factors that lead up to the occurrence of the problem as well as the steps taken to resolve it, managers can avoid problems before they occur by performing proper problem prevention. In addition, these systems can also be used to help employees learn how to deal with failures in the face of negative feedback from co-workers or management officials.

Managers can also use these systems to determine who should be given credit for a team’s accomplishments. Sometimes employees perform beyond expectations based upon performance reports, but not enough to warrant bonuses or raises. By having detailed information about each employee’s contribution to a particular team’s success or failure, a manager can determine which employees deserve additional pay, promotions, and even raises. Likewise, a manager can use a critical incident report to remind employees of their obligations to follow established policies and procedures and to report deviations from those policies and procedures immediately. In addition, employees can use performance reports to identify strengths and areas for future improvement.


While performance appraisals are important to everyone involved in an organization, they are particularly important to the manager who must make the determinations based upon the evidence provided. The information provided by the systems, coupled with the observations of the manager, provides the best available picture of the condition of the employee or team and the performance level required of that employee or team. Although it can be time-consuming and frustrating for managers to perform these appraisals, they must take into account the fact that their actions may affect the company’s future success or failure. By using performance appraisal techniques and systems, managers can ensure that they are making the decisions that are best for the company, its employees, and their own personal careers. A company without a well-developed performance appraisal system faces a risk of failing to meet its goals, so long as managers and supervisors know how to properly appraise their employees and what to look for.

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