How To Insulate A Loft Space

Keeping warm in winter is important for everyone; but if you live in a loft, then it’s even more essential. Loft insulation makes your house warmer and stops the ‘big escape’ in the winter months. A well insulated home maintains its heat where you want it, inside. Loft insulation is an easy and efficient way to cut your heating costs, and now you can even do this work on your own.

Choosing loft insulation

This is achieved by creating a cavity under the ridge line of the roof, by either installing foam insulation board or using cellulose insulation boards that are recommended depth by the National Foam Board (NPF). Insulation board is typically available from your local nursery or DIY store, in sheets or rolls. Alternatively, you could make your own by using glass wool or other similar materials. Glass wool is an excellent insulator and works perfectly well as a glue. However, it will take some time to install – it is recommended to do a professional job as you will have to ensure there is at least a quarter of an inch of space between the first row of insulation boards and the roof ridge.

The reason why your loft insulation is such an effective way to stop heat loss is because it stops heat loss through the roof. There is air movement up and down the roof, both from warm air above and cold air below. By creating a cavity for insulation boards, you seal off this air movement, stopping heat loss.

One final step in your project is to install the roof joists. These should be made of quality mineral fibre rubber, as they will be most effective. You can either choose from standard or prefabricated ones, depending on your building regulations. Your local council will advise you on the best type to use.


Finding an installer

Finally, don’t forget the ventilation holes. The holes are usually located either side of the roof, near the edges. You will need to drill them, using a suitable bit most suitable for the size of the hole you are planning to make. Once you have done this, you will be ready to attach the loft insulation to the joists. If you intend to use standard screws, you will need to screw the insulation to the wood directly. Otherwise, make sure you use a special slip-on rubber and nail heads that are designed to be used with non-slip screws.

Installing loft insulation is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to heat and insulate a house. It works by creating a cavity in the roof, which is then filled with insulation. This method actually stops heat from moving out of the loft space, meaning you get maximum energy efficiency from your attic. As you can see from the simple overview above, insulating a loft space is really easy and it’s something that should not be ignored by homeowners looking to improve their home.

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