Escape Rooms – Solve the Puzzles to Win

Let’s start on your group’s next adventure with the best and most popular online escape rooms – Virtual Escape Rooms! 2) The Cave. Great for the group or family, The Cave offers various themes with varying difficulty. Perfect for the Cave themed group or family, this fun online escape game is suitable for the whole age group. The Cave can be played in single player as well as split screen.

Virtual Escape Rooms


The virtual escape rooms challenge and use brain teasers and various other methods to keep your brain working at a high pace. To start with the game, you are provided with a room that is dark, gloomy and full of puzzles and problems. In this room, the only way to go is to explore every nook and cranny to find the solution to all the problems that are standing before you. And if you are thinking that puzzles and brain teasers are just plain dull, well, this is exactly what you think of when you start playing the game. The puzzles and brain teasers here are just so tough and mind-boggling that you would think you are at the top of the world.

Escape Room

In the virtual escape rooms, you get to solve mysteries and questions with the help of clues. Clues can be found everywhere and in every corner. For example, in the Harry Potter virtual escape room there are lots of question marks over the place and objects that give out certain information, like who is Harry’s secret god father or where is the secret chamber of secrets? You get to solve mysteries, enigmas and mysteries using your clues.

The virtual escape rooms are very much different from the normal online rooms. Here, you will not be given any instructions about how to solve a puzzle but the entire task of solving the puzzle will be done for you. The clues here are given through the questions and answers provided to you by the website itself. The website will hide some clues that will be very much difficult to decipher and therefore you will have to think really hard before you are able to find out what those clues are. The biggest twist with these rooms is that every level is different and therefore you cannot easily complete one and then expect to finish all of them.


This is where your brainpower and critical thinking come into action. There is no time limit as there is with the normal escape rooms but, you still need to use your brain and use your logic while solving the puzzle. The more you think and the more you look around, the more chances you have of finding the solution to the puzzle. In this way you will be able to get every clue in every level, and in the end you will be the winner of the virtual escape rooms. You will be given clues like name, address, phone number, map, address and many other details that you need to find and put a stop to the evil magician.

Some of the best escape games online are those where the level of difficulty is such that you will have to use your wits and critical thinking skills in order to solve all the puzzles and survive the attacks of the monsters and other players. Some of these games are based on a traditional story where you are put in situations where you have limited time to solve the puzzle and save yourself. Some of these games are based on problem solving puzzles where you have to solve a set of puzzles within a limited time frame and so you have to be keen in analyzing clues and doing well in solving the puzzle. One more thing that is very common in these escape games is that you are required to find the secret passages that lead to the next level. Escape rooms online are very thrilling games and they are liked by everyone who plays them.

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