Dental Implants – Dental Crown

dentalDental, also referred to as oral biology and dental medicine, is a branch of medical science that includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of disorders, diseases, and problems of the teeth, oral cavity, and oral tissues. Dentists, who specialize in the study of dental science, acquire their dental degree at dental schools or through programs offered by professional dental associations. There are two national organizations that accredit dental schools, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) and the American Dental Association (ADA). These organizations also license dentists who participate in specific continuing education programs each year.


Oral surgeons perform surgical procedures in the mouth and perform reconstructive surgery for dental problems. They can perform both cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures. They are specially trained to look after the mouth during emergency situations and give immediate first aid. Oral surgeons can fix dental emergencies by diagnosing and treating dental problems such as gum disease, cancer, pulpitis, toothache, and wisdom tooth.

Dental implants are artificial teeth or prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. Dental implants help improve the function of jaws and enhance bite. Patients suffering from missing teeth can get dentures or dental implants to replace lost teeth. Dental implants can be used to correct jaw abnormalities and improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth and face.


A dental implant is an artificial device made of titanium or ceramic that is implanted in the jaw. It is surgically placed in the bone where natural teeth used to be. The abutment, which is the dental implant rod, is secured in the abutment made of titanium screw. The abutment is held in place by screws and titanium screws are attached to the abutment. The crown, which is the false crown that covers the rod, is made of either ceramic or porcelain. It is fitted over the rod.

A porcelain crown looks like real teeth and functions like a real tooth. Porcelain crowns take about two years to replace one lost tooth. A composite crown, made from either titanium or silver, is another alternative to a porcelain crown. It looks just like a real tooth. A plastic crown, which is similar to a crown, lasts for five years. It is made of silicon-coated dental implants and caps made of polyvinyl chloride.


Dental crowns are durable and comfortable because of their material and design. Dental implant crowns require a more complicated procedure and will require two or three visits to the dentist before the crown is installed. After the process is completed and the patient is confident with the new appearance of their teeth, the dentist will remove the crowns and clean and fill the mouth to match the new appearance of each tooth.

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