Business Boosting – How to Make More Money Faster

Business Boosting is a term which is widely used in the world of business. This term was first used by John Graham Bell, who was a Scottish naturalist and scientist. He discovered that if certain animals are given food, and then given a chance to fight off hunger, they will survive for longer periods than those who are fed regularly.

business boosting


John Graham Bell saw an opportunity in the shape of a moth known as Solamene. He noticed that this particular species fed on flowers when they were not available, and he realized that he could design a similar system to feed his company’s workers when they were not available to work. This gave him the idea to develop what we know today as Business Boosting. He began to work with his colleagues to come up with a means of making the working conditions better for their staff.


The success of John Graham Bell’s experiment inspired other businessmen, who started business boosting methods of their own. Before long, business was booming all over the world, giving everyone the chance to make more money. One of the most famous business boosting techniques is the practice of giving bonuses. These bonuses are given to employees, to increase their productivity levels and make them work harder. Giving bonuses has been practiced in business for a very long time, and it is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to increasing profitability.


A common mistake made by people who are involved in business-boosting is that they tend to look only at money. They tend to forget that in order to make a business thrive, there must be some money involved as well. There should be some cash flowing in to keep things going, and if there is not, the business will surely fail. Of course, the more money there is, the higher the chances are of the business succeeding.

John Graham Bell did not focus exclusively on money when he was giving out bonuses. He kept his attention wide open and tried to find ways that would help his business survive even during lean times. It is important to remember that business boosting is not a short term effort; it is something that should be carried out consistently to see success and profitability in any business.


There was a time when businesses were extremely profitable, and many people were able to retire comfortably with the money they had made. Nowadays, that is almost impossible to achieve. Many businesses are constantly struggling to survive, and those who survive usually have millions of dollars stashed away. This shows that although money is crucial to business, it should not be the only thing that people are after.

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