5 Home Pest Control Tips

5 Home Pest Control Tips For Having a Home Pest-Free Home

Keeping your home free from bugs is a top priority for any homeowner, but especially for those who live in the Pacific Northwest. Many pests enjoy a home in this area. The most obvious pest is cockroaches. They are the most common pest problem and are often found in small food service centers or ovens that have not been cleaned properly. These pests are also frequently found in cracks around windows and doors. However, they can also be found in wood, drapes, furniture, carpeting, and even walls.


Get Regular Inspections

Another important step to keeping your home pest-free and free from infestations is to regularly scheduled inspections by a pest control Maple ridge service. While your house may seem to be in tip-top shape on the outside, it may also be suffering from an internal infestation. In fact, these insects can enter a house through any opening. If you do not clean up the infestation, it could cause health problems and sanitation problems for you and your family.


Regular Use of Natural Pest Control Services

If you do not want to hire a professional, make sure that you use natural pest-control methods to rid your house of pests and that you clean up any spills or leaks immediately. For example, use plain old dishwashing soap to clean up any standing water, which could become a new breeding ground for harmful pests. Before using soap and water to clean up spills on the outside of your house, make sure that the area has been thoroughly cleaned.


Get Rid of Rodents Raccoons, mice, and squirrels

are just a few of the pests that can be a huge problem for homeowners. While they can pose little risk to children and pets, they are a real pest when it comes to pests and infestations inside and out. Even if you live in an area that does not suffer from rodents, raccoons, mice, and squirrels, you should still invest in a quality pest-control company because these animals can easily damage your home and your health. They can dig tunnels into your walls or chew up the siding, so keep them out and treat your property with respect!


Change Your Lifestyle A healthy lifestyle

is key when it comes to being pest-free, so make sure that you get plenty of sleep and exercise to help keep you stress-free and healthy. This means that you need to quit smoking, eliminate any drinking or drug use, and eat right. Make sure that you always have fresh produce and fruits available at all times. Stop using harsh chemical sprays around the house, such as those used to treat spiders, and use an insecticide spray instead. These methods will ensure that you do not have any unwanted pests and that you live a long, healthy life.


Maintaining a clean house and living healthy

are just a few of the many pest-control tips for having a home pest-free home. With the use of traps, regular inspections, and cleaning, there are no excuses for a home overrun. If you do have an infestation, contact a qualified pest control service today to get rid of all of those critters. You’ll be glad you did!

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